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"We search extensively for the latest technologies, and bring them to the market."

Vitabeam w VQe™; is our proprietary safe and natural Healthy Radiant Energy light. Vitabeam has designed and engineered a custom, proven set of formulas to solve a wide range of health and food safety problems that are caused by harmful pathogens. These formulas are made up of proprietary combinations of radiant energy that resemble the sun’s light at specific wavelengths. In scientific terms it is expressed by the symbol Qe (radiant energy). VQe is natural and refers to our specific wavelengths in action.

Genesis HVAC Technology; is constantly searching for the best products and services that can have the greatest effect on energy reduction and systems effeciency. Decreasing energy consumption while striving to provide "Greener" products, from equipment retrofits to componet replacement, that is our primary goal.

Alltemp Solutions; Years of research and resources have been invested into developing an Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant Replacement that addresses concerns relative to climate change and the economic challenges that face the world as they reach the deadlines for banning Ozone Depletion Potential gases.

Real Energy; is an innovative company specializing in energy saving products. At Real Energy, we believe that small and large businesses grow the economy. We pride ourselves in offering exemplary customer service, from industry professionals to product consumers. We care very much about our planet and keeping energy usage down. The Real Energy mission to decrease the worldwide carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. With that goal in mind, our products save businesses money and decrease energy consumption and reduce the global carbon footprint.

Spectrum Sciences is focused on finding and bringing to its customers the best in new innovative technologies that improve our daily lives. Our goal is to find the newest and best technologies from industry and bring them to other needed markets. We strive to provide our customers with products that make them safer, reduces their operating costs and positively impacts our environment.


Safety from food borne pathogens is becoming a roll of the dice, and while retailers and suppliers can backtrack their supply chains trying to identify where these pathogens originated their ability to protect consumers is limited…..until now. Vitabeam is the last best defense prior to serving. Their natural Healthy Radiant Energy LED kills E-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and a host of other bacteria’s. The Vitabeam solution is not employee dependent, it is robotic, natural and effective.


Sustainable Universal Refrigerant Replacement has among the lowest GWP ratings of any conventional refrigerant on the market today. Their energy efficient and safer replacement coolants save time, money, energy and the environment. Easy to install, savings up to 40% or more on energy costs.

Real Energy

The refrigeration innovation from Real Energy offers the most efficient Coil in the Industry. The Reihl Coil increases energy efficiency by approximately 50%, depending on geographical area and cooler design. They guarantee a 37% energy savings minimum! Many States are offering energy rebates with the installation of more energy efficient products.

We seek out the best products that technology has to offer

Specialized products for:

Food Safety, Food Service, Healthcare,
HVAC Applications and Horticulture.